Internal Displacement Monitoring Report


According to Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC), at the end of 2013, 33.3 million people were displaced by conflict and violence. The IDMC said there were 1, 538, 982 IDPs in Nigeria as of April 2015.

Over 1.5 million of Nigeria’s displaced persons are housed in overcrowded camps across the disturbed northern regions.



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Some philanthropic Nigerians and NGOs like Body Enhancement Foundation, and international agencies, have stepped up to help. In New Kuchingoro, a village hosting about 5 million IDPs in Nasarawa, a couple is said to be contributing over N480, 000 monthly to keep 300 hundred children of displaced persons in school.


The emergence of the dreaded terrorist group in Nigeria known as Boko Haram has brought indescribable pain, sorrow, loss of lives and properties to the country and particularly to the states, local governments, communities and families of the northern people of Nigeria.

As a result, many have fled their homes and are wandering in neighbouring countries while a larger number of the victims are scattered in Nigeria. Some can be seen on the street of major cities in the country and some have ‘settled’ in over 100 Camps known as the Internally Displaced Persons Camps.

Some of these IDP Camps are school facilities, empty government buildings or tents that were set up by the affected state government, some by the federal government, some by concerned organizations (locally/ internationally) and others by the victims themselves.

Needless to say, these camps are largely populated by women and children who are in dire need of shelter, beddings, clothing, education, parents, better welfare and a promising future.Page

This blog is set up to provide information on the plight of victims of Boko Haram insurgence particularly those that are in IDP Camps. It will serve as a voice that talks about the daily experience that these fellow Nigerians had been subjected to. Also, it will highlight what the Nigerian government has done and is doing in other to assuage the suffering of IDPs. I will also use this medium to celebrate the efforts of different humanitarian organizations both locally and internationally and individuals that have been working tirelessly to assuage the predicament of IDPs. An important aspect of this blog is to crowd source humanitarian support for IDPs and create advocacy for them.


Dogara seeks UK’s support for IDPs

The Speaker, House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, on Tuesday solicited Britain’s support in resettling people displaced from their communities in North-East by the insurgency in the area.

Dogara made the appeal for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) when ‎he received Britain’s Minister of State, Baroness Joyce Anelay, in Abuja.

He urged the country to consider convening a special aid conference for rebuilding of the North-East as recently done for the victims of civil war in Syria…